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NEDA Authorized Sharp Microelectronics Distributor

Sharp Microelectronics is a world leader in memory ICs, regulators, and optoelectronics. Sharp Microelectronics' parts and products pack the most performance into the smallest dimensions. The components, component packaging, and integration skills Sharp Microelectronics developed help thousands of design engineers bring their own ambitious ideas to market.

Sharp Microelectronics Newest Products

Sharp Microelectronics Product Line

Sharp Microelectronics New Products

Added 12/2013 Sharp Microelectronics Tiger Zenigata Color Tunable LEDs Learn More
Added 05/2011 Sharp Microelectronics Memory LCD 1.35" Display Module - EXPANSION Learn More
Added 03/2011 Sharp Microelectronics Memory LCD Display Module Learn More
Added 12/2010 Sharp Microelectronics 1.35-inch PNLC Memory LCDs Learn More
Added 11/2009 Sharp Microelectronics GM4BN653C0A Side-Emission LED Learn More
Added 07/2009 Sharp Microelectronics Ambient Light Sensors Learn More
Added 09/2008 Sharp Microelectronics GM5BW High Power LEDs Learn More
Added 05/2007 Sharp Microelectronics Graphic LCD Modules Learn More

Sharp Microelectronics Featured Products

Sharp Tiger Zenigata Color Tunable LEDs

Sharp Tiger Zenigata Color Tunable LEDs work by combining warm white and cool white multi-chip LEDs within a single COB solution, creating a tiger-stripe appearance. A two-channel driver can be used to drive the two colors independently, allowing smooth tuning from warm white (2,700K) to cool white (5,700K) by varying their relative drive current. It is possible to tune through this entire range while maintaining a lumen output of 2,000lm. Sharp Tiger Zenigata LEDs present the world’s first single point light source with variable color temperature on a substrate.

Sharp Microelectronics Memory LCD Display Modules

Sharp Microelectronics' Memory LCD technology delivers high-contrast, high-resolution displays that allow for denser content than many other types of similar-sized LCDs, but only consumes 0.8% of the power of these conventional displays. Sharp's Memory LCD modules embed 1-bit memory in every pixel to enable each pixel to hold state while requiring very little current. This delivers an "always on" display that uses little power (only a single supply voltage is required), even when updating images. This helps designers create products with exceptionally long battery life. It also eliminates sweeping images or "ghosting", because only the part of the image that requires updating needs to be changed. The response time of Sharp's Memory LCD Displays makes it fast enough to display motion video. Bold and crisp black images are delivered by high-resolution capability in a small diagonal display. A lightweight, two-glass design, plus an integrated driver in the panel, provides an exceptionally thin module that's perfect for compact handheld, wrist-top, and other small-screen devices that benefit from displaying rich content. Incorporating the Memory LCD into a design is simple with a 3-wire SPI serial interface (SI, SCS, SCK).
New 1.28" and 1.35" displays available!

Sharp Microelectronics Ambient Light Sensors

Sharp Microelectronics ambient light sensors feature a breakthrough design that ensures stable light measurements at varying temperatures. The Sharp Microelectronics ambient light sensor product line has curves matching the human eye for more accurate light measurement and less need for compensation circuitry. These Sharp Microelectronics devices are available in package sizes as small as 1.6mm x 2.0mm. Ambient light sensors can be used for a wide range of applications, including mobile phones, auto-brightness controls for mobile and handheld devices, TVs, monitors, and cameras.

Sharp Microelectronics Graphic LCD Modules

Sharp Microelectronics' rugged, versatile color graphic LCDs are available in popular sizes with the specs designers need. These modules are capable of use in harsh environments for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.

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