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Seiko Instruments
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Seiko Instruments Inc. is a leading global supplier of advanced electronic components including integrated circuits and quartz crystals, as well as micro batteries and capacitors that deliver unmatched performance with minimal footprint and low-power consumption for portable applications. Seiko Instruments also offers a complete array of thermal printers, including high-performance kiosk printers, reliable mobile printers, compact thermal printer mechanisms, and more.

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Added 05/2014 Seiko Instruments CPH3225A Chip Capacitor Learn More
Added 05/2011 Seiko Instruments S-24C02 and S-25C02 Serial E2PROM Learn More

Seiko Instruments Featured Products

Seiko Printers Qaliber RP-E Series Printers

Seiko Printers Qaliber RP-E Series Printers offer industry-leading performance in the smallest available footprint, with an innovative cube form factor, designed to simplify integration and improve reliability. Qaliber printers are available in standard and front-access control configurations and support standard-sized POS receipt paper rolls. Qaliber receipt printers also provide a host of tools designed to maximize ease of use in the field. A unique, over-sized, multi-color LED provides immediate notification of printer status. And, a robust, intuitive, utility software suite is included to simplify the configuration process for all your receipt printing needs.

Seiko Instruments LTPD Thermal Printer Mechanisms

Seiko Instruments' LTPD Thermal Printer Mechanisms offer a smaller size with an angled paper guide and a smaller pitch flexible print circuit (FPC) cable. The series is rated for up to 100 mm/second print speeds. They feature a minimum of 50 km of total printing and 100 million pulses. The LTPD Printer Thermal Mechanisms from Seiko Instruments are available in 2" and 3" print width models, with a choice of horizontal or vertical orientations. Other options include EZ-OP clam shell style, auto-loading, and ASIC and interface board solutions.

Seiko Instruments DPU-S Mobile Printers

The DPU-S Series of Mobile Printers from Seiko Instruments, available in 2 or 4 inch models, are designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Product highlights include compact, lightweight design, up to 100 mm/second high speed printing, and choice of USB, IrDA, Serial and Bluetooth connectivity. Seiko Instrument's DPU-S Series are rated for a minimum of 50 km total printing, or approximately 328,000 six-inch printouts.

Seiko Instruments S-24C02 and S-25C02 Serial E2PROM

Seiko Instruments S-24C02 and S-25C02 Serial E2PROM are a 2-wire serial E2PROM and a SPI serial E2PROM, respectively, both of which have low current consumption and wide range operation. Seiko Instruments S-24C02 and S-25C02 Serial E2PROM have a capacity of 2 K-bit and an organization of 256 words × 8-bit. These ICs are able to page write and sequential read.

Seiko Instruments Protection IC for Single Cell Pack

Seiko Instruments' Protection IC for Single Cell Pac S-8241 is a series of lithium-ion/lithium polymer rechargeable battery protection ICs incorporating high-accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits. These ICs are suitable for protection of single-cell lithium ion/lithium polymer battery packs from overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent.