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MikroElektronika MIKROE-473
MikroElektronika Acceleration Sensor Modules ACCEL SPI 3-AXIS ADAPTER BOARD
Data Sheet 13
In Stock
1: $19.00

Min.: 1
Mult.: 1
3-Axis +/- 2g, +/- 4g, +/- 8g, +/- 16g 1 degree Digital SPI 3.3 V
MikroElektronika MIKROE-254
MikroElektronika Acceleration Sensor Modules ACCEL 3-AXIS ADAPTER BOARD
Data Sheet 4
On Order
More Info Available
1: $26.90

Min.: 1
Mult.: 1
3-Axis +/- 3g Analog 5 V 28.3 mm x 18.5 mm
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