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Schneider Electric
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Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centers/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications.

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Magnecraft by Schneider Electric includes industrial relays, sockets, and accessories. The relay group at Schneider Electric supports relay requirements with a fast-paced program of New Product Development.

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APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in critical power and cooling services, provides industry leading product, software and systems for home, office, data center, and factory floor applications.

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Schneider Electric New Products

Added 02/2014 Schneider Electric Magelis STO & STU Panels Learn More
Added 07/2013 Schneider Electric XX Ultrasonic Sensors Learn More
Added 06/2013 Schneider Electric Harmony™ XB5R Push Buttons Learn More
Added 06/2013 Schneider Electric Harmony XB6 Series Learn More
Added 06/2013 Schneider Electric Altivar 12 Nano Drive Learn More
Added 06/2013 Schneider Electric Twido® Programmable Controllers Learn More
Added 05/2013 Schneider Electric Electric Magelis Graphic Terminals Learn More
Added 05/2013 Schneider Electric Zelio Programmable Relays Learn More
Added 05/2013 Schneider Electric XB5S Biometric Switches Learn More

Schneider Electric Featured Products

Schneider Electric Twido® Programmable Controllers

Schneider Electric Twido® Programmable Controllers are compact, simple and tailor-made for small automation system control. Open to numerous communication networks, flexible due to its 3 basic types (Compact, Modular and Extreme) and wide range of I/Os, Twido and its associated TwidoSuite software provide simple and astute solutions for all your needs. Applications include lighting management, heating and air conditioning, access control and control/monitoring.

Schneider Electric Harmony™ XB5R Push Buttons

Schneider Electric Harmony™ XB5R. Wireless, Batteryless Push Button Switches offer better control of your operations anytime, anywhere. Utilizing wireless technology, the Harmony XB5R wireless, batteryless push button is easy to install in both new and existing applications, such as bottling, packaging and conveying lines. By eliminating the need for wiring through the machine structure or cable tray to connect the push button to the electrical panel, the XB5R cuts installation costs by 20% as compared to traditional wired solutions. The batteryless solution offers permanent availability, benefits the environment and eliminates costly battery maintenance, re-charging and recycling. The Harmony™ XB5R switch is well-suited for harsh industrial environments, where added protection of your people and machines is paramount.

Schneider Electric XX Ultrasonic Sensors

Schneider Electric OsiSense XX Ultrasonic Sensors detects all types of objects in all types of applications. Ultrasonic sensors enable detection, without contact, of any object in severe industrial environments, irrespective of its material, nature, color, or degree of transparency. In addition, there are three modes for assuring efficient detection and ultrasonic sensors enable detection from 0 to 50mm, 2.5 times farther than standard products on the market. Applications include assembly, conveying, packaging and handling.

Schneider Electric XB5S Biometric Switches

Schneider Electric XB5S Harmony Biometric Switches offers the latest advanced fingerprint recognition technology providing increased security for your employees, machines and systems. XB5S switches are an innovative, stand-alone solution that protects operators and equipment form unauthorized access and usage. Simple, reliable and efficient, the Harmony biometric switches use the most trustworthy technology, offer excellent resistance to mechanical shock and vibration and have a memory capacity of 200 recorded fingerprints. The XB5S switches offer protection in the areas of theft, copying, lending, forgetfulness and loss.

Schneider Electric Harmony XB6 Series Switches

Schneider Electric Harmony™ XB6 Series 16mm Switches are specifically designed for applications where the surface area is restricted. The XB6 16mm push buttons, selector switches and pilot lights with plastic bezel are available in circular, square or rectangular heads, have a clip-together component system (head, body, contact blocks and LED) and offers a large choice of color combinations. The product range combines simplicity of setup and flexibility and the IP65 degree of protection enables the switches to be used in all types of applications.

Schneider Electric Magelis STO & STU Panels

Schneider Electric Magelis STO & STU Panels are the next generation of more flexible, cost-effective panels. The Magelis STO & STU terminals adapt to your needs by integrating the latest technological innovations to enhance machine productivity. Features include revolutionary mounting with Magelis spring clips for the STO and a “push button” system for the STU, the ability to communicate with Schneider Electric and third-party products, a cost-effective operator interface with high-end features and easy-to-use, "best-in-class" software that reduces the total cost of the ownership.

Schneider Electric Altivar 12 Nano Drive

Schneider Electric Altivar 12 Nano Drive combines greater reliability and simplicity of operation, saving more time for all your applications. Some of the many features of the Altivar 12 include variable speed drives for three-phase asynchronous motors, the smallest drive with integrated EMC for compact machines, and intuitive and user-friendly programming and menus. Combining efficiency with intelligence, the Altivar 12 Nano Drive is ideal for small machine applications, including conveyors, packaging, commercial kitchen equipment, door controls, fitness & healthcare equipment, HVAC and pumping.

Schneider Electric Magelis Graphic Terminals

Schneider Electric Magelis XBT/N/R/RT Graphic Terminals is breaking new ground with compact, easy to install and configure display units.  The Magelis XBT/N/R/RT Series brings a greater convenience and ease of use with a highly visible display, 128 customizable characters, 3-color back lighting and looped text scrolling. Schneider Graphic Terminals also offer an ergonomic design, simple programing and are ideal for simple machine control applications.

Schneider Electric Zelio Programmable Relays

Schneider Electric Zelio Logic Programmable Relays offer unequaled flexibility and simplicity. Designed for the management of simple automation systems, the new generation of Zelio Logic smart relays provides considerable gains from the design stage to monitoring applications in the industry and tertiary sectors. The relays are available in two range choices, Compact versions with fixed configurations, and Modular versions which allow the use of extension modules and two programming languages (FBD or LADDER).

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