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NKK Switches
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NKK Switches designs, produces and sells the industry's most extensive selection of electromechanical switches setting the standard for quality, stability, and reliability in switch solutions. NKK provides a full suite of customizable solutions that include design, programming, and value added support by combining flexibility, expertise, and a commitment to our partners' success.

NKK's switches turn on millions of products around the world every day by offering more than 3.5 million different toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, rotary and keylock switches to illuminated, process sealed, miniature, specialty, surface mount and programmable switch devices. NKK has thousands of configurable 3D CAD switch models available for immediate download at no charge. With a single keystroke, engineers can download part number-specific models directly from Mouser's web product pages. Kick start your designs today!

NKK Switches 3D CAD Library

NKK's 3D CAD models enable engineers to easily integrate complex models into their designs. NKK is the first switch manufacturer to implement this capability on Mouser's website. With a single keystroke, engineers can download models by simply selecting the part number to view the detail page and then selecting the 3D CAD model from the Documents tab.

NKK Switches Newest Products

NKK Switches Product Line

NKK Switches New Products

Added 10/2013 NKK Switches M Series Toggle Switch Kit Learn More
Added 12/2012 NKK Switches SK Series Antistatic Keylock Switch Learn More
Added 01/2012 NKK Switches YB2 Series 24mm Square Panel Seal Pushbuttons Learn More
Added 04/2011 NKK Switches FR02 Series 10mm SMT DIP Rotary Learn More
Added 03/2011 NKK Switches JWLW Series Molded Rocker Switches Learn More
Added 10/2010 NKK Switches FT Series Resistive Touch Screens Learn More
Added 09/2010 NKK Switches KP Series RGB LED Illuminated Pushbuttons Learn More
Added 08/2010 NKK Switches MB2400 Series Snap Action Pushbutton Switches - New at Mouser Learn More
Added 09/2009 NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch™ Rocker Learn More
Added 08/2009 NKK Switches Low Profile LED Pushbutton UB2 Series - Expansion Learn More
Added 08/2009 NKK Switches Subminiature Smooth Actuation Pushbuttons: NP01 Learn More
Added 04/2009 NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch™ Learn More
Added 04/2009 NKK Switches Panel Seal Pushbutton Series: YB2 Learn More
Added 05/2008 NKK Switches Tilt Switch: Series DSA Learn More
Added 04/2008 NKK Switches FM Series Membrane Switch Keypad Learn More
Added 08/2007 NKK Switches SmartSwitch™ Development Kits Learn More

NKK Switches Featured Products

NKK Switches M Series Toggle Switch Kit

NKK Switches M Series Kit contains the M Series Toggles that feature a standard anti-rotation design on non-cylindrical levers that mates the toggle and bushing. There are two flatted sides on the bottom of the toggle which fit into a complementary opening inside the bushing. There is also an anti-jamming design to protect contacts from downward force, high torque bushing construction, and high insulating barriers to increase isolation of circuits in multipole devices, which also provides added protection to the contact points. The NKK Switches M Series Toggles have a molded diallylphthalate case (UL flammability rate of 94V-0) and epoxy sealed terminals to prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants. The M Series Kit contains bushing mount, bracket PC mount, and angle PC mount styles.

NKK SK Series Antistatic Keylock Switch

NKK SK Series Antistatic Keylock Switch features snap-in mounting and short below-panel dimensions. This switch can withstand 15 KV of ESD. The below-panel length of 22.7mm provides greater design flexibility. Other features include 45º angle of throw and operating temperature of -40 to 185ºF.

NKK Switches YB2 Series 24mm Panel Seal Pushbuttons

NKK Switches YB2 Series 24mm Square and 25mm Diameter Panel Seal Pushbuttons are thin flush mount push button switches. The series offers the shortest above-panel dimension (1.8mm) in the industry for IP65 splash-proof design. Behind-panel space is conserved with a .965" (24.5mm) body. Six LED colors are available as well as five cap colors, including a metallic silver button for non-illuminated versions. NKK Switches YB2 Series 24mm Panel Seal Pushbuttons have a flammability rating of UL94V0 and are cULus Recognized. Mechanical life is 1,000,000 operations minimum for momentary circuits, and 200,000 operations minimum for maintained circuits. Electrical life is 100,000 operations minimum.

New! Square Actuator pushbuttons for the YB2 series are now available! View square versions.

NKK Switches FR02 Series 10mm SMT DIP Rotary

NKK Switches' FR02 Series 10mm SMT DIP Rotary has the lowest profile in the industry and allows close stacking of PC boards. With a slim body of .150"(3.8mm), NKK Switches' FR02 Series has highly visible legends and a choice of either screwdriver or a new shaft actuator option. In addition, this low-profile switch offers a detent mechanism that gives crisp, positive action for accurate switch setting. Other features and benefits include heat-resistant resin that allows infrared convection reflow soldering, gull-winged terminals for mechanical stability during soldering and simplified solder joint inspection, cam-activated movable contact and gold contacts for contact reliability and continuity, tape-reel packaging that meets EIA-481-2 standard, and coplanarity (all considered surfaces must lie between two parallel planes that are a maximum distance apart of .0059"(0.15mm)).

NKK JWLW Series Molded Rocker Switches

NKK's JWLW Series comprises the industry's first molded Rocker Switch with TV rating. These switches have sealed panels and are designed to handle large inrush current, with high electrical capacity of 16 Amps at 125/250 V AC. JWLW switch models are certified for TV-8 rating and meet IP67 of IEC60529 standards. Other features of NKK's JWLW Series molded Rocker Switches are exterior seal of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber covering a flat flange, black or red switch caps, black housing, solder lug/quick connect terminals at .187"(4.75mm), double pole single throw (DPST) and double pole double throw (DPDT) switch dimensions, unique construction to break light contact welds, increased electrical life with specially designed plate to minimize contact bounce, interior cover for dust resistance, molded terminals and sealed epoxy to lock out dust and other contaminants, and housing and case made of heat-resistant resin that meet the UL94V-0 standard. JWLW Series Rocker Switches were designed for use as "Power On" devices in equipment where a high tungsten inrush current is anticipated.

NKK FT Series Resistive Touch Screens

NKK FT Series 5-wire, 4-wire, and digital resistive touch screens are engineered to complement the application of choice while offering superior durability and flexibility. NKK FT transparent touch screens include options in multiple sizes and choices of input by finger, gloved finger, or stylus. Whether an application requires the 5-wire or 4-wire technology, the features include metal tails (analog), contact reliability with a connector, and ANR film, eliminating many of the typical visual artifacts. The film surface is non-glare and hard coated for ease of use and integrity of the surface. NKK 5-wire touch screens are highly resistant to static electricity and noise pollution and offer drift-free operation despite any temperature fluctuation. These FT Series devices are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including information kiosks, industrial automation, medical equipment, banking / exchange management systems, and more.

NKK Switches KP Series RGB LED Illuminated Pushbuttons

NKK Switches KP Series RGB LED Illuminated Pushbuttons are available with built-in RGB LED illumination, which allows for the creation of unlimited color combinations, as well as super bright red and green built-in LEDs. The KP Series features a unique actuation guide that gives a positive indication of circuit transfer as well as smooth and silent operation (choices of tactile, nontactile or tactile/audible actuation). Cap selection includes sculptured, flat, and home key. With a compact design height of .906" from PC board to top of cap, the NKK Switches KP Series RGB LED Illuminated Pushbuttons feature a specially designed snap-in standoff for simple and secure PC board mounting and alignment. Electrical capacity (resistive load) is 100mA max @ 12VDC.

NKK Switches MB2400 Series Snap Action Pushbutton Switches

The NKK Switches MB2400 Series Snap Action Pushbutton Switches offer a short stroke with a light touch giving a smooth actuation and audible feedback for a 200,000 operation minimum rating. The miniature snap-acting, snap-in mount pushbuttons are available in a comprehensive array of bezel styles, colors, and LEDs to enhance the appeal and functionality. An anti-jamming design protects the contacts from damage due to excessive downward force on the actuator. Installation is simplified by the longer center solder lug terminal and the high torque bushing construction to prevent rotation or separation from the frame. The NKK Switches MB2400 Series Snap Action Pushbutton Switches are constructed of a stainless steel frame to resist corrosion, an internal o-ring to protect against contamination, patented silver contacts of specially composed alloy for hardness, and epoxy sealed terminals to prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants.

NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch™ Rocker

NKK Switches offers the Smartswitch™ programmable display Rocker (patent pending) featuring sharp contrast and high resolution (96x64 pixels) organic LED technology (OLED) with 52,000 hours at 30% illumination. The Smartswitch Rocker can replace multiple switches and displays with one small package device through its multifunction actuation navigation - forward, reverse, up, and down, with push for activation. The NKK Switches Smartswitch Rocker is panel mount with easy, snap-in installation and a connector socket is available for simple connection (AT715).
Finalist in EDN's Innovation Awards!

NKK Switches Low Profile LED Pushbutton UB2 Series - Expansion

NKK Switches offers Low Profile LED Pushbuttons, Series UB2, in a wide selection of illuminated effects with single- and bi-color, 1- or 6-element LEDs in flat, beveled, or sculptured caps. The Low Profile LED Pushbuttons in the UB2 series from NKK Switches offers alternating legends with STOP/START, OPEN/CLOSE, ON/OFF in green/red LEDs, respectively.

NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch™

NKK Switches offers the OLED Smartswitch™ with organic LED technology featuring a range of 65,000+ colors in 16-bit mode and 256 colors in 8-bit mode. The NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch has a full viewing angle of 180º and 50 times greater contrast than LCD products producing sharp, clear images of very small characters. The dust-tight construction is stylish translucent black.

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