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Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of semiconductors and has established a heritage of innovation that continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide. Intel's entire processor portfolio provides design engineers with direct access to the industry's most advanced processors. Intel's industry-leading technologies are created using the most advanced foundry process technologies in the industry, producing unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.


The Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions AllianceThe Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, which includes Intel and 250+ global member companies, provides scalable, interoperable solutions for modular components to market-ready systems. These solutions accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. Close collaboration with Intel and each other enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies, helping developers deliver first-in-market solutions. For more information, visit

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Intel Galileo Development Board
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Intel Processors Overview

Intel Processors OverviewIntel Processor families include the most powerful and flexible Central Processing Units (CPUs) available today. Utilizing industry leading 22nm device fabrication techniques, Intel continues to pack greater processing power into smaller spaces than ever before, providing desktop, mobile, and embedded products with maximum performance per watt across a wide range of applications.

Intel 4th Generation Processors - formerly Haswell

Intel 4th Generation ProcessorsIntel 4th generation Core Processor family delivers Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded products with maximum performance per watt. Intel Haswell Architecture is based on a 22 nm process and utilizes FinFET technology for reduced leakage and lowered power consumption.
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4th Generation Intel Processors
Intel 3rd Generation Processors - formerly Ivy Bridge

Intel 3rd Generation ProcessorsIntel's 3rd Generation Microarchitecture brings with it an enormous jump forward in features and performance. The first microprocessor to be developed using Intel's revolutionary 22nm process technology, the 3rd generation Intel Core processor offers a harmony of features.
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3rd Generation Intel Processors
Intel 2nd Generation Processors - formerly Sandy Bridge

Intel 2nd Generation ProcessorsIntel's 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor family is the next generation of 64-bit, multi-core processors built on 32-nm process technology. The processor is designed for a two-chip platform. The two-chip platform consists of a processor and a Platform Controller Hub (PCH) and enables higher performance, lower cost, easier validation, and improved x-y footprint.
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2ndGeneration Intel Processors
Intel Atom Processors

Intel SilvermontIntel's Silvermont 22nm Microarchitecture is designed in 22nm technology based on the next generation Intel Atom™ microarchitecture. Learn More >>


Intel Saltwell Intel's Saltwell Microarchitecture is a part of the Atom Family of processors based on 32nm process technology with second generation high-k + metal gate transistors. Learn More >>


Intel BonnellIntel's Bonnell Microarchitecture is a part of the Atom Family of processors based on 45nm process technology. Learn More >>

Intel Quark Processors
SoC X1000

Quark SoC X1000Intel's Quark SoC X1000 Processors are the first product in a new roadmap of innovative, small core products targeted at rapidly growing areas ranging from industrial IoT to wearables. Learn More >>

Intel Xeon Processors

3rd Generation Xeon

Intel 3rd Generation XeonIntel's 3rd Generation Xeon Processors are 64-bit, multi-core processors built on 22nm process technology.
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2nd Generation Xeon

Intel 3rd Generation XeonIntel's 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family is the next generation of 64-bit, multi-core processors built on 32nm process technology.
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Resources for Intelligent
Systems Developers

Intel NUC Celeron® and Core™ Boards and Kits

Intel NUC FamilyIntel's NUC family of kits and boards puts the world in the palm of your hand. Powered by either Intel Celeron® processors or 3rd generation Intel Core™ processors on a four-by-four-inch motherboard and enclosed in a tiny case, this next-generation computer kit is big on performance yet surprisingly small in size.
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Intel NIC Ethernet Network Adapters

Intel NIC Ethernet Network AdaptersIntel's NIC Ethernet Network Adapters Series includes Gigabit and 10 Gigabit server adapters that allow for an easy upgrade of server systems to connections designed to meet the throughput and latency requirements of bandwidth-hungry applications.
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Intel Ethernet Network Controllers

Intel Ethernet Network ControllersIntel's Ethernet Network Controllers are single, compact controllers with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) or a physical layer (PHY) designed to connect to appropriate Intel chipsets with an integrated Media Access Controller (MAC).
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Intel Mobile and Desktop Express Chipsets

Intel Mobile and Desktop Express ChipsetsIntel Mobile and Desktop Express Chipsets deliver a Platform Controller Hub (PCH) with extensive I/O support. Intel's PCH connects Intel Core processors with a motherboard via the Flexible Display Interface (FDI) and Direct Media Interface (DMI).

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