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Infineon Technologies is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. Infineon's product portfolio consists of logic products, including digital, mixed-signal, and analog integrated circuits, as well as discrete semiconductor products.

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Added 09/2014 Infineon Technologies XMC1000 Series 32-Bit ARM Cortex™-M0 Industrial MCUs Learn More
Added 08/2014 Infineon Technologies OptiMOS™ Fast Diode (FD) Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 07/2014 Infineon Technologies XMC 2Go Development Kit Learn More
Added 06/2014 Infineon Technologies EVAL ISO1I811T Demonstration Board Learn More
Added 06/2014 Infineon Technologies Btip Textbook Learn More
Added 05/2014 Infineon Technologies IFX90121 2.2MHz Step-Down Regulator Learn More
Added 12/2013 Infineon Technologies NovalithIC™ High Current Motor Drivers Learn More
Added 10/2013 Infineon Technologies CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 09/2013 Infineon Technologies Infineon XMC1000 Evaluation Kit Learn More
Added 08/2013 Infineon Technologies TRENCHSTOP™ 5 IGBTs Learn More
Added 08/2013 Infineon Technologies BFPx4 RF Transistors Learn More
Added 07/2013 Infineon Technologies XMC4500 ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit Industrial Microcontroller Learn More
Added 07/2013 Infineon Technologies XMC 32-Bit ARM® Cortex™-M MCUs Learn More
Added 04/2013 Infineon Technologies Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) Learn More
Added 04/2013 Infineon Technologies Infineon 3rd Generation Reverse Conducting IGBTs Learn More
Added 03/2013 Infineon Technologies 20-60V OptiMOS Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 02/2013 Infineon Technologies Generation 5 SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes Learn More
Added 02/2013 Infineon Technologies ESD24VL1B Low Capacitance TVS Diodes Learn More
Added 12/2012 Infineon Technologies XMC4500 Relax & Relax Lite Evaluation Kits Learn More
Added 12/2012 Infineon Technologies 40V OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 11/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX25001 Low Dropout Voltage Regulators Learn More
Added 11/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX91041 1.8A DC/DC Step-Down Voltage Regulators Learn More
Added 11/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX27001 Linear Voltage Regulators Learn More
Added 10/2012 Infineon Technologies BSB OptiMOS Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 10/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX80471 Step-Down DC/DC Controllers Learn More
Added 10/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX8117 1A Low-Dropout Linear Voltage Regulators Learn More
Added 10/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX2931 Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulators Learn More
Added 09/2012 Infineon Technologies ESD5V5U5ULC Ultra-Low Capacitance ESD / Transient / Surge Protection Array Learn More
Added 09/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX25401 Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator Learn More
Added 09/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX1050G High Speed CAN-Transceivers Learn More
Added 09/2012 Infineon Technologies IFX24401 Low Dropout Voltage Regulators Learn More
Added 09/2012 Infineon Technologies Industrial Power IGBT Module Book Learn More
Added 08/2012 Infineon Technologies IPx50R 500V CoolMOS™ CE Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 06/2012 Infineon Technologies XMC4500 Evaluation Boards and Kits Learn More
Added 06/2012 Infineon Technologies N-Channel OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs - EXPANSION Learn More
Added 04/2012 Infineon Technologies ICLSx-Series Highly Efficient Off-Line LED Drivers Learn More
Added 03/2012 Infineon Technologies BTM77xx Family High Current H-Bridge Learn More
Added 03/2012 Infineon Technologies BCR205W Ultra Low Dropout LED Controller Learn More
Added 01/2012 Infineon Technologies CoolMOS® Power Transistors EXPANSION Learn More
Added 11/2011 Infineon Technologies BTS3800SL Smart Low Side Power Switch Learn More
Added 11/2011 Infineon Technologies High Speed Trench & Fieldstop IGBTs Learn More
Added 11/2011 Infineon Technologies IPG20N04 / IPG20N06 OptiMOS™ / OptiMOS-™T2 Power Transistors Learn More
Added 10/2011 Infineon Technologies CoolMOS™ Power Transistors Learn More
Added 09/2011 Infineon Technologies N-Channel OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs Learn More
Added 08/2011 Infineon Technologies BGA628L7 Low Noise Amplifier Learn More
Added 06/2011 Infineon Technologies CIPOS™ Intelligent Power Modules Learn More
Added 04/2011 Infineon Technologies ILD4035 LED Driver IC Learn More
Added 01/2011 Infineon Technologies ESD3V3U1U Unidirectional TVS Diode Learn More
Added 01/2011 Infineon Technologies BFP650 SiGe RF Transistor Learn More
Added 01/2011 Infineon Technologies CoolMOS™ N-Channel MOSFETs Learn More
Added 11/2010 Infineon Technologies BCR420U LED Driver Learn More
Added 09/2010 Infineon Technologies ISOFACE™ 8-Channel Isolated High-Side Driver Learn More
Added 03/2009 Infineon Technologies SmartLEWIS™ TDA523x Receiver Learn More
Added 09/2008 Infineon Technologies KP125 Integrated Pressure Sensor ICs Learn More
Added 06/2008 Infineon Technologies ProFET® BTS 5012/14/16SDA Smart High Side Switches Learn More
Added 06/2008 Infineon Technologies XE166 Family Real-Time Signal Controllers Learn More
Added 06/2008 Infineon Technologies Current Regulating Solenoid Drivers Learn More
Added 06/2008 Infineon Technologies BCR450 LED Bipolar Power Controllers Learn More
Added 05/2008 Infineon Technologies XC886/888CLM 8-bit Microcontroller Learn More
Added 03/2008 Infineon Technologies Enhanced LIN Transceiver: TLE7259 Learn More
Added 02/2008 Infineon Technologies Transceivers TDA525x series Learn More

Infineon Featured Products

Infineon XMC 2Go Development Kit

Infineon's XMC 2Go Development Kit is equipped with the ARM® Cortex™-M0 based XMC1100 Microcontroller and is designed to evaluate the capabilities of the XMC1100 MCU and the powerful, free of charge tool chain DAVE™. The kit includes 64kB flash, 16kB RAM, internal oscillator, two 8-pin headers, on-board J-Link debugger, 2-channel USIC, 6-channel ADC, 4 16-bit timers, external interrupts, real time clock, random number generator, and 2 user LEDs. This board is not cost optimized and does not serve as a reference design.

Infineon OptiMOS™ Fast Diode (FD) Power MOSFETs

Infineon OptiMOS™ Fast Diode (FD) devices are Infineon's latest generation N-channel power MOSFETs in 200V and 250V options. These Infineon OptiMOS FD devices feature reduced Qrr, very low on-resistance, and 175ºC operating temperature. These Infineon OptiMOS FD MOSFETs are optimized for body diode hard commutation and ideal for applications such as telecom, industrial power supplies, Class D audio amplifiers, motor control, and DC/AC inverter.

Infineon EVAL ISO1I811T Demonstration Board

Infineon's EVAL ISO1I811T Demonstration Board is designed to allow easy exploration of the features of the ISOFACE® Digital Input part. It contains two ISO1I811T as an electrically isolated 8 bit data input interface in TSSOP-48 package. These parts are used to detect the signal states of up to eight independent input lines according to IEC61131-2 Type 1/2/3 (e.g. two-wire proximity switches) with a common ground. An 8 bit parallel/serial μC compatible interface allows it to connect the IC directly to a μC system. The input interface also supports a direct control mode and is designed to operate with 3.3/5V CMOS compatible levels. The Infineon ISO1I81xT digital input product family is an intelligent system solution offering robust galvanic isolation between the μC on the "control side" and the 24V factory floor environment, frequently referred to as the "process side".

Infineon EVAL ISO1H812G Demonstration Board

Infineon's EVAL ISO1H812G Demonstration Board is designed to show the performance of the ISOFACE® ISO1H812G providing an Isolated Interface output to drive resistive, capacitive or inductive loads directly. The input can be driven by applying 3.3V/5V CMOS compatible signals to connector K3. The input operates in Micro Controller Mode by using Chip Select and SCLK Signals. The Output consists of 2 times 8 Channel High Side Switches with 0.6A Current rating. The Output is protected with a channel selected over-temperature switch (to off). The ISO1H81xG family offers parallel and serial 3.3V/5V μC-interfaces, facilitating straight forward connection with virtually any μC, μP, ASIC or FPGA. The ISO1H81xG products enable OEM-product designs which meet the stringent EMI requirements of the IEC 61131-2 norm (zone C) applicable for Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC).

Infineon Technologies Btip Textbook

Infineon Technologies Btip (Bridging Theory into Practice) is a comprehensive textbook on power semiconductors and applications for the automotive field. Bridging Theory into Practice is a complete guide that provides readers with an intuitive grasp of semiconductor devices and how they are used in the power-intensive automotive applications they are likely to encounter.

Infineon PROFET™ Smart High-Side Switches

Infineon PROFET™ Smart High-Side Switches are placed between the supply and load to control the application. These highly integrated high-side switches incorporate a broad range of smart features like diagnosis and protection. PROFET switches consist of a DMOS power transistor and CMOS logic circuitry for complete built-in protection against overload, short-circuit, excessive temperature, ground loss, power supply loss, and electrostatic discharge (ESD). The PROFET family of devices is also capable of protecting against dynamic overvoltage, such as load dump and inductive load turn-off. The vast range of smart features makes PROFET High-Side Switches ideal for a variety of automotive and industrial applications.

Infineon IFX90121 2.2MHz Step-Down Regulator

Infineon's IFX90121 2.2MHz Step-Down Regulator is a high frequency PWM step-down DC/DC converter with a wide input voltage range from 4.75 to 45V that makes the IFX90121 suitable for a wide variety of applications. The switching frequency of 2.2MHz allows the use of small inductors and capacitors, resulting in minimized board space. Pulse Frequency Modulation is used to optimize efficiency in light load conditions. The low quiescent current in shutdown (less than 45μA at nominal input voltage) makes the device suitable for battery powered systems. Additional applications include smart metering and general purpose industrial.

Infineon NovalithIC™ High Current Motor Drivers

Infineon NovalithIC™ high current motor drivers pair a p-channel high-side switch and a n-channel low-side switch to create a half-bridge, adding an integrated circuit to protect the device. The IC also features microprocessor-compatible logic level inputs, diagnosis with current sense, slew rate adjustment and dead-time generation. Overtemperature, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection is part of the package. Two hallmark features set this multichip, half-bridge configuration apart - it generates neither charge pump emissions nor cross-current. The half-bridge combines with others to form H-bridge and three-phase drive configurations.

Infineon BFPx4 RF Transistors

Infineon's BFPx4 RF Transistors provide the designer the best possible performance, superior flexibility and price/performance ratio. These are widely used for new emerging wireless applications, where the system specification is not yet firmly established. The BFxx Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) include devices suitable for use from AM over VHF/UHF up to 14GHz. These are the latest LNA innovations based on Infineon’s reliable high volume 80GHz fT silicon germanium carbon (SiGe:C) heterojunction bipolar technology. They combine uncompromised RF performance with outstanding robustness against high RF input power overdrive and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The BGS12SL6 RF MOS Switch is a general purpose 0.1 - 6.0GHz SPDT switch suitable for band/mode switching in cellular systems and WLAN applications. The ESD112B1 TVS ESD/Transient Protection Diode is a bi-directional, ultra-low capacitance ESD/Transient protection diode designed for the protection of RF signal lines.

Infineon XMC1000 Series Evaluation Kit

Infineon XMC1000 Evaluation Kit delivers XMC1000 series MCUs based on ARM Cortex -M, with included DAVE framework. Infineon XMC1000 microcontroller family offers current 8-bit users a new opportunity to enjoy 32-bit power, without having to compromise on price or ease-of-use. XMC1000 integrates the ARM® Cortex™-M0 core into a leading-edge 65nm manufacturing process to overcome the limitations of 8-bit designs.

Infineon CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs

Infineon’s CoolMOS™ C7 Power MOSFETs are a revolutionary step forward in technology, providing the world’s lowest RDS(on)/package and, thanks to its low switching losses, efficiency improvements over the full load range. The C7 is optimized for hard switching topologies such as Power Factor Correction (CCM PFC), Two Transistor Forward (TTF) and Solar Boost in applications such as Solar, Server, Telecom and UPS. The 650V breakdown voltage makes it suitable for both Solar and Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) PFC stages where extra safety margin are required. They offer the world’s lowest RDS(on) of 19mΩ in a TO-247 and 45mΩ in TO-220 and D2PAK packages. The fast switching performance of C7 now enables customers to operate at switching frequencies greater than 100kHz while achieving titanium levels of efficiency in Server PFC stages.

Infineon Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of cost-effective products for consumer Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS). This includes high voltage MOSFETs, control IC's and Silicon Carbide diodes for PFC and PWM stages, as well as low voltage MOSFETs for synchronous rectification. With these products Infineon supports the trends towards continuously reducing power consumption. Especially versatile is the new CoolMOS™ 600V C6 family which combines good efficiency with attractive pricing, as does our 3rd generation SiC diodes. For synchronous rectification the OptiMOS™ 3 series offers extremely low on-state resistance and low capacitances. Infineon's new control ICs support topologies such as quasi-resonant flyback and LLC.

Infineon ESD24VL1B Low Capacitance TVS Diodes

Infineon's ESD24VL1B Low Capacitance TVS Diodes offer ESD/transient protection according to IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-4, and IEC61000-4-5 standards. These devices are bi-directional with a working voltage up to VRWM = ±24 V, low capacitance, and very low reverse current. Typical applications include ESD protection of USB-battery charger interface, LCD backlight protection, RF signal protection, general purpose protection and protection of high speed bus rated up to ±24 V.


Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™5 IGBTs are the next generation of thin wafer IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) that feature significantly lower conduction and switching losses compared to currently leading solutions. There is no other IGBT on the market that can match the performance of the TRENCHSTOP™5. These are designed for applications where switching >10kHz. The wafer thickness has been reduced by >25%, which enables a dramatic improvement in both switching and conduction losses, while providing a breakthrough voltage of 650V. This quantum leap of efficiency opens up new opportunities for designers to explore.

Infineon 3rd Generation Reverse Conducting IGBTs

Infineon's 3rd Generation Reverse Conducting IGBTs have been optimized for lower switching and conduction losses. Reduced power dissipation together with soft switching behavior allows better thermal performance and EMI behavior resulting in lower system costs. Excellent performance can be achieved at lower costs. Infineon RC-H technology has set the benchmark of Tj(max) of 175°C to offer higher lifetime reliability. Recent portfolio extension to 30A and 40A at 1200V and 1350V defines the new trend for higher power density and better reliability devices. 40A 1350V device is capable for switching up to 50kHz with VCE(sat) value of 1.65V at 25°C – a staggering 5% lower loss than the next best competitor.

Infineon Generation 5 SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes

Infineon's Generation 5 SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes deliver market leading efficiency at an attractive cost point. Infineon’s proprietary diffusion soldering process, already introduced with Generation 3, is now combined with a new, more compact design as well as latest advancements in thin wafer technology, bringing improved thermal characteristics and lower Figures of Merit (Qc x Vf). These 5th Generation SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes implement a thinning process which allows reducing the wafer thickness by almost 2/3rds while maintaining the proven quality and yield levels. Typical applications include high-end server and telecom SMPS, PC Silverbox and lighting applications, solar inverters and UPS systems.

Infineon 20-60V OptiMOS Power MOSFETs

Infineon’s 20-60V OptiMOS Power MOSFETs are innovative products that serve the market needs throughout the whole energy supply chain. OptiMOS™ is the market leader in highly efficient solutions for power generation (e.g. solar micro inverter), power supply (e.g. server and telecom) and power consumption (e.g. electric vehicle). These devices consistently set the benchmark in key specifications for power system design, including leading on-state resistance and Figure of Merit characteristics which lead to reduced power losses and improved overall efficiency. These help customers that face the challenge of growing power demand, higher efficiency and lower cost.

Infineon Technologies IPx50R 500V CoolMOS™ CE Power MOSFETs

Infineon Technologies' IPx50R 500V CoolMOS™ CE Power MOSFETs are a new technology platform of Infineon's market leading high voltage power MOSFETs designed according to the revolutionary superjunction (SJ) principle. The 500V CE portfolio provides all benefits of a fast switching SJ MOSFET while not sacrificing ease of use. They achieve extremely low conduction and switching losses and can make switching applications more efficient, more compact, lighter and cooler. Efficiency comparison of the 500V CoolMOS™ CE vs competitors standard MOSFET CCM PFC stage, 90VAC up to 400W. Typical applications include consumer electronics, PC Silverboxes and Lighting SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply).

Infineon XMC 32-Bit ARM® Cortex™-M MCUs

Infineon XMC 32-Bit ARM® Cortex™-M Microcontroller portfolio features a wide range of products from low-end, low-pin-count devices up to advanced solutions for industrial applications that demand energy-efficiency, high quality standards, long product life times and high temperature robustness. Common peripherals and development tools across the family ensure a high level of scalability and compatibility between all family members. DAVE™, Infineon's unique and revolutionary framework for all XMC products, accelerates and simplifies development efforts.

Infineon Technologies XMC4500 ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit Industrial Microcontroller

The XMC4500 Series are Infineon Technologies' first 32-bit industrial microcontrollers using the Cortex™ M4 processor from ARM®. Infineon Technologies XMC4500 ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit Industrial Microcontroller Series is suited particularly for use in electric drives, solar inverters, and the automation of manufacturing and buildings. The XMC4500 series helps to improve the energy efficiency of systems while supporting a large number of communication standards and reducing complexity during software development. These XMC4500 MCUs feature timer modules optimized for electric motor control, fast ADCs, integrated delta sigma demodulators, fast and robust Flash memory, and an extended temperature range of up to 125°C. Also available are a full range of tools and a modular design kit.

Infineon Infineon Design:)Link

High Power

SmartPIM and SmartPACK Power Modules Use Self-Acting PressFIT Assembly

IInfineon High Powernfineon's new Smart modules are designed for more cost-effective and compact inverter designs by simplifying the mounting process and increasing reliability. The Smart modules combine PressFIT technology with a sophisticated housing concept.

Automotive Power

TLE 826x - New System Basis Chip Family

Infineon Automotive Power

Infineon has introduced a new family of System Basis Chips (SBC). It is released at many OEMs including VW, Audi, Daimler and Ford and is in volume production. The SBC works together with the microcontroller and the power drives on an ECU. The devices are typically used in automotive body electronics but are also suited to other automotive applications.

RF & Protection Devices

BCR 320U, BCR 420U - New LED Drivers for 0.5W LEDs

Infineon RF & Protection Devices

The BCR 320U/BCR 420U LED driver family is a low-cost solution for driving 0.5W LEDs with LED currents from 150mA to 250mA. Internal breakdown voltage is 20V (BCR 320U) and 40V (BCR 420U). This is the maximum voltage that the LED driver IC can sustain when connected to it directly.


Linear Hall Sensors from Infineon - New Application Notes Available

Infineon Sensors

Infineons linear Hall sensor family offers a wide range of products featuring a variety of packages and interfaces. To support you and your customers in the best possible way, we created a number of application notes. These application notes describe interesting applications and explain how to get maximum value and efficiency gains from Infineon products.

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