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Delphi Connection Systems is a world leader in supplying vehicle electric and electronic distribution systems, with an unsurpassed reputation in the design, development, and manufacture of electrical and electronic connection systems and devices. For more than 100 years, Delphi has focused on providing greater product performance and driving tomorrow's technology.

Delphi Connection Systems has acquired FCI Automotive Division Connectors

Delphi Newest Products

Delphi New Products

Newest Products From Delphi

  • APEX HIR2 Auotmotive Connectors APEX HIR2 Auotmotive Connectors

    03/07/2014 A headlight-bulb connector solution that mates standard industry bulbs of the increasingly popular halogen infrared variety.

  • Ducon Connectors Ducon Connectors

    08/26/2013 Two-piece terminal design for greater electric current flow in smaller size terminals.

  • Micro-Pack Connectors Micro-Pack Connectors

    08/23/2013 Designed to meet the needs of low energy (<5 amps), high density applications.

  • Micro64 Connectors Micro64 Connectors

    08/23/2013 Compact electrical connections designed for low-energy, high-density applications.

  • HES Circular Connectors HES Circular Connectors

    12/06/2012 Maintains face seal compression, even when subjected to the high vibration commercial vehicle SAE J-2030 standard.

  • HES Terminals HES Terminals

    12/06/2012 Achieves high current performance using high conductive materials. Overlapping wing design offers exceptional strain relief.

  • HES Header System HES Header System

    12/06/2012 Passes 29 Grms vibration specification and protects the header when too much torque is applied. One of the tightest true pin positioning at 0.225 mm.

  • APEX® Series Wire Connectors APEX® Series Wire Connectors

    01/04/2010 High performance for a harsh environment, ideal for automotive applications.

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