Optek 4-LED Module Strings

The OVM18F4 Series is sold as quantity 1 per individual module.
Due to the complexity of handling these parts, there is no
guarantee that quantity ordered will be delivered as a single
continuous string of LED modules. If a continuous string is
needed, they can only be purchased in quantity of 20 modules.

Please see the part numbers below for this option.

Single Module             20 Modules Continuous
828-OVM18F4B7             828-OVM18F4B7-20
828-OVM18F4G7             828-OVM18F4G7-20
828-OVM18F4R7             828-OVM18F4R7-20
828-OVM18F4W7             828-OVM18F4W7-20
828-OVM18F4Y7             828-OVM18F4Y7-20

For further questions, please contact a Mouser Technical Support