Lantronix Product Change Notice

Lantronix has announced the launch of the updated and
improved version 6.6 UDS1100 firmware.  Effective
December 24, 2008, firmware version and Web Manager
version will begin shipping on the UDS1100 products
listed below.

For quality and tracking purposes, the manufacturing
revision numbers on the product label will be changed.  New
revision numbers are also listed below.

Part Number    Current Revision    New Revision

UD110000B-01   D17                 E17
UD11000P0-01   A13                 B14
UD1100001-01   D21                 E22
UD1100002-01   D20                 E21
UD1100BP0-01   A15                 B16
UD1100BP2-01   A15                 B16
UD1100NL2-01   C17                 D17

The pricing for all UDS1100 products will remain the same
as current pricing.  Customers can load the new firmware on
the current units.  It is now available for download on the
Lantronix FTP site.