B Series Chassis Mount XLR Connectors. Due to new tooling and
mold requirements the part numbers referenced below have
undergone several changes. This will be a rolling change and
exact dates of the change are not available. These changes do
not affect the form, fit, or functionality. The panel cut-out
and PCB layout are not changed and remain the same. In
addition,all part numbers remain the same. After the first
shipment of the new version only new items will be supplied, no
stock will be maintained of the old version.

Please see the attached ECN from Neutrik with more details
regarding the changes and improvements made to the B series
Chassis Mount XLR Connectors including images detailing the

Affected Parts

MFR PN              Mouser PN
NC3FBH1             568-NC3FBH-1
NC3FBH1-B           568-NC3FBH-1-B
NC3FBH1-0           568-NC3FBH1-0
NC3FBH2             568-NC3FBH-2
NC3FBH2-B           568-NC3FBH-2B
NC3FBH2-0           568-NC3FBH-2-0
NC3FBV1             568-NC3FBV-1
NC3FBV1-B           568-NC3FBV1-B
NC3FBV1-0           568-NC3FBV1-0
NC3FBV2             568-NC3FBV-2
NC3FBV2-B           568-NC3FBV2-B
NC3FBV2-0           568-NC3FBV2-0
NC3MBH              568-NC3MBH
NC3MBH-B            568-NC3MBH-B
NC3MBV              568-NC3MBV
NC3MBV-B            568-NC3MBV-B