Product Information

Bud Enclosure Modifications

Mouser and Bud can reduce your production costs.  Fax us
Your modification drawings for a rapid turn-around quote.
Modification services offered by Bud include:

  Drilling and punching
  Silk screening
  Custom paint colors
  Even special enclosure sizes

It's cost effective on large quantities and on small lots
of 10 or more.
Bud and Mouser can save you time and money.  Factory
Modifications will:

  Reduce lead-time for completed enclosure
  Eliminate potential scrap
  Eliminate duplicate receiving and inspection
  Reduce your supplier base
  Improve your A/P and cash flow
  Improved finish of metal boxes (Bud modifies, then

Call a Mouser representative at 800-346-6873, or fax us at

These boxes and covers come from Bud packaged in quantities
of 10, but they are priced individually.  If you order 1
piece, you will receive 1 piece.  If you want 10 pieces,
you should order 10 pieces.  Factory Stock shown should be
multiplied by 10 for the correct quantity of individual
pieces available.