Mouser Part number                        MFG Part number
532-MAXCLIP01-HG                           Max01HG
532-MAXCLIP08G                             Max08G
532-MAXCLIP07G                             Max07G
532-MAXCLIP04G                             Max04G
532-MAXCLIP03G                             Max03G
532-MAXCLIP01G                             Max01G
532-MAXCLIP02G                             Max02G
532-MAXCLIP09G                             Max09G
532-MAXCLIP10G                             Max10G
532-MAXCLIP11G                             Max11G
532-MAXCLIP14G                             Max14G
532-MAXCLIP02-HG                           Max02HG
532-MAXCLIP03-HG                           Max03HG
532-MAXCLIP12G                             Max12G
532-MAXCLIP13G                             Max13G
532-MAXCLIP15G                             Max15G
532-MAXCLIP23G                             Max23G

This is notice that on December 6, 2010, the manufacturer has
made a treatment change to the plating of the above MaxClip
system product.  In an effort to make their MaxClip products
more resistant against aggressive environments, the traditional
nickel plating is to be changed to zinc plating.

Please contact your local Mouser Technical Representative for
additional information.