Antenova Product Announcement

For ease of use, Antenova has shortened the manufacturer
part number for products in the gigaNOVA range of antennas.
Please note that no change was made to the actual
products.  Only the manufacturers' part number has changed.

Please see below for a summary of the changes made.

Old              New           Description
Part Numbers     Part Numbers
A10137           No Change     GPS Co-Planar Antenna
A10137-D         No Change     GPS Co-Planar Ref Board
A10137-R-U1      No Change     GPS Co-Planar Ref Board
A10192-L         A10192        Fusca Antenna
A10192-U1        No Change     Fusca Reference Board
A10194           No Change     Mixtus Antenna
A10194-U1        No Change     Mixtus Reference Board
A10204           No Change     Brevis Antenna
A10204-U1        No Change     Brevis Reference Board
3030A5645-01     A5645         Mica Antenna
3030A5645-U1     A5645-U1      Mica Reference Board
3030A5839-01     A5839         Rufa Left Antenna
3030A5839-U1     A5839-U1      Rufa Left Reference Board
3030A5887-01     A5887         Rufa Right Antenna
3030A5887-U1     A5887-U1      Rufa Right Reference Board
3030A6111-01     A6111         Comata Antenna
3030A6111-U1     A6111-U1      Comata Reference Board
3030A6150-01     A6150         Impexa Left Antenna
3030A6150-U1     A6150-U1      Impexa Left Ref Board
3030A6250-01     A6250         Impexa Right Antenna
3030A6250-U1     A6250-U1      Impexa Right Ref Board
2010B4844-01     B4844-01      Titanis SMA Antenna
2010B4844-U1     B4844-U1      Titanis SMA Ref Board
2010B6090-01     B6090         Titanis Rev Thread Antenna
2010B5771-04     B5771         Picea Antenna
2010B5771-U1     B5771-U1      Picea Reference Board
1020B5786-01     B5786-01      Flavus 2.4/5GHz 0.8mm Ant
1020B5786-02     B5786-02      Flavus 2.4/5GHz 1.0mm Ant
1020B5786-03     B5786-03      Flavus 2.4/5GHz 1.2mm Ant
1020B5786-04     B5786-04      Flavus 2.4/5GHz 1.6mm Ant
1020B5786-05     B5786-05      Flavus 2.4/5GHz 1.8mm Ant
1020B5786-U1     B5786-U1      Flavus 2.4/5GHz Ref Board
1020B5812-01     B5812-01      Flavus 868/915/GSM 0.8mm Ant
1020B5812-02     B5812-02      Flavus 868/915/GSM 1.0mm Ant
1020B5812-03     B5812-03      Flavus 868/915/GSM 1.2mm Ant
1020B5812-04     B5812-04      Flavus 868/915/GSM 1.6mm Ant
1020B5812-U1     B5812-U1      Flavus ISM Reference Board
1020B5812-U2     B5812-U2      Flavus Pentaband Ref Board