Switchcraft EN3 Mini Weathertight Connectors

These cord type connectors will only mate with panel type
connectors.  For cord-to-cord connection, it is necessary
to order a cord connector plus an in-line connector.
Listed below are the cord connectors and the in-line
connectors.  Suffix of "X" may be added to indicate
ROHS compliance.

Cord Connectors                   In-Line Connectors
502-EN3C3F                        502-EN3L3M
502-EN3C4F                        502-EN3L4M
502-EN3C5F                        502-EN3L5M
502-EN3C5FX                       502-EN3L5M
502-EN3C6F                        502-EN3L6M
502-EN3C7F                        502-EN3L7M
502-EN3C8F                        502-EN3L8M
502-EN3C3M                        502-EN3L3F
502-EN3C4M                        502-EN3L4F
502-EN3C5M                        502-EN3L5F
502-EN3C6M                        502-EN3L6F