Tyco Electronics Solar Labels

The following labels are available in either 100 pieces to a
roll or 500 pieces to a roll. It is the same label in either
roll count, this is only a packaging change.

The pricing is per each individual label.

100 Pieces Per Roll                  500 Pieces Per Roll
Mouser Part Number                    Mouser Part Number
650-SOL-SD-104076                    650-SOLSD10407640.5
650-SOL-DCD-104100                  650-SOLDCD10410040.5
650-SOL-DPS-104019                  650-SOLDPS10401940.5
650-SOL-EHS-104019                  650-SOLESH10401940.5
650-SOL-SRS-127508N1                650-SOL-SRS-127508N5
650-SOL-CP-127508N1                  650-SOL-CP-127508N5
650-SOL-SRS-127698N1                650-SOL-SRS-127698N5
650-SOL-CP-127698N1                  650-SOL-CP-127698N5
650-SOL-SRS-812120N1                650-SOL-SRS-812120N5
650-SOL-CP-812120N1                  650-SOL-CP-812120N5

Please speak with a Mouser Technical Sales Representative for
further assistance.