Cooper Bussmann has been shipping the above supercapacitor
product lines using the most conservative definition. As such,
these products have been shipped under the same classification
as one of the internal chemicals used, acetonitrile. They have
been shipping as a Class 3 Hazardous Materials according to

In December 2010, the UN adopted a classification specifically
for supercapacitors or more technically, "electric double layer
capacitors." This classification became effective January 1,
2013 under IATA regulations. The new entry is added to the
Dangerous Goods list as follows:

Classification                         Cells <0.3Wh
Cooper Bussmann Products               HV, PHV, M, PM Series
Cells                                  No restrictions 

Classification                         Cells >0.3Wh, <10Wh
Cooper Bussmann Products               XB, XV Series
Cells                                  Shipped uncharged
Capacitor shipped in Modules           Must be protected against
                                       short circuit or be
                                       fitted with a metal strap
                                       connecting the terminals

Cooper Bussmann will adhere to the above shipping instructions.
XV/ XB Series will be packaged in a grid which will keep the
terminals from coming in contact, and protect against short

Please contact a Mouser Technical Sales Representative for
further assistance.