Lantronix Product Discontinuation Notice

Lantronix has discontinued their CoBox-FL-11 & Cobox-FL-
IAP-11 External Device Server products.  Once stock has
been depleted, these parts will no longer be available.

The last day of support for these products will be January
15th, 2010.

Replacements for the CoBox-FL-11 & Cobox-FL-IAP-11 products
are the UDS1100, UDS1100-IAP or UDS2100.

Existing Part Number        Replacement Part Number
515-COBOX-FL-IAP-11         515-UD1100IA2-01
515-COBOX-FL-11             515-UD1100001-01
515-COBOX-FL-11             515-UD1100002-01
515-COBOX-FL-11             515-UD2100001-01
515-COBOX-FL-11             515-UD2100002-01

Note: There is no direct replacement product if you are
utilizing the ST Multi-mode Fiber (10-Base-FL) interface on
the CoBox-FL.