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BOM Import Tool Help Center

1. Data Import

The Mouser BOM Import Tool allows you import your data in two ways. The first method is to upload a file; the other is to copy/paste data directly into the tool.

To upload your BOM, the file must be a Microsoft Excel compatible file (xls, xlxs or csv) and under 4 megabytes in size. For your convenience, a sample BOM template can be downloaded here.

If you rather import data using copy/paste or want to manually type in a part list, click the link under "Option 2" to open the data entry box. Follow the instructions and examples on the screen to input your data.


2. Prepare Data for Processing

Before the BOM Tool can process your data, you need to name your BOM file. The tool will generate a name for you, but you have the option to change it. Keep in mind all BOMs in your account must have a unique name.

If you uploaded an Excel workbook with your data, then you must also select the sheet from your workbook containing the data to be imported. Only one sheet can be imported at a time.


3. Input Column Mapping

Mouser's BOM Tool, goes through a comprehensive search to find the parts you are looking for. To ensure the most accurate results, we ask that you specify the columns from your uploaded spreadsheet that contain relevant part attributes.

During the Input Mapping process, match the part attribute on the left to the column from your spreadsheet by using the provided drop down list on the right.

A preview of the first 30 rows from your BOM is displayed to assist you in selecting the most appropriate mapping. The tool will automatically suggest a basic mapping for you.

While only the manufacturer part number (full or partial) is required, the more inputs you map, the better chance of us finding an exact match for the parts on your BOM.

4. Output Column Mapping

Mouser's BOM Tool allows you to select over 20 different part attributes to be included in your exported BOM.

During the Output Mapping process, choose the part attribute on the left that you want added to your BOM, and specify the column on your spreadsheet you want it exported to.

A preview of the first 30 rows from your BOM is provided to assist you in selecting the most appropriate mapping. The tool will automatically suggest a basic mapping for you.

5. Processing Preferences

Different users require different formatting and information on the BOMs they run. The preferences page allows you to customize several aspects of your BOM.

These preferences effect how the search for parts is conducted, as well as how to display certain outputs you may have added to your completed BOM.


6. BOM Processing

When mapping and preferences are finalized, the tool will search for the items on your BOM. This process can take a few moments or up to several minutes to complete, depending on the size of the BOM.

If your BOM is taking a long time to complete, you can safely navigate away from this screen while the BOM Tool continues to search for your items. You can return to this BOM from the Saved BOM management screen.


7. Import Summary

Upon completion of processing your BOM, you will be presented with an import summary, which quickly lets you know the number of lines that were imported, unresolved, quoted and unmatched.

Lines Imported The number of lines the tool read from your BOM and attempted to process.
Lines Unresolved The number of lines that the tool found multiple part matches for and require your attention to resolve.
Lines Quoted The number of lines that were exactly matched and are ready to purchase.
Lines Unmatched The number of lines that we were unable to find any matching parts for.

Import Summary

8. Part Resolution

In order to quote parts that the tool found more than one match for, you must review the possible matches and select the one you want. This process is known as part resolution.

From the Saved BOM manager, click the number in the Unresolved column to launch the resolution process. On the Select & Buy page, you can begin part resolution by clicking the button at the top of the page, or click the red hyperlinks on the individual line item to be resolved.

Once in part resolution, you will see the data you provided at the top of the screen and all the possible matches below it. Simply examine the results displayed, select the part you want, and then click the 'Add Selected Part to BOM' button. You can repeat these steps for one, some, or all the unresolved parts in your BOM.

9. Managing Saved BOMs

All BOMs associated with your account can be found within the Order History tools of your My Mouser account. The Saved BOM manager is the one place to go to view and manage all aspects of your saved BOMs.

To view or purchase a BOM, click its name or on the associated Select & Buy button. If you started to import a BOM, but navigated away before processing completed, click the Continue or Processing links in the status column to pickup where you left off. To resolve parts, click the number displayed in the Unresolved column for a BOM. To download your processed BOM, click the 'Export' link. To delete a BOM, click the Delete link.

Please Note: Once you reach 25 saved BOMs in your account, you will have to delete one or more BOMs before you can create a new one. After 30 days, pricing on quoted parts expires; you will be prompted to refresh pricing before being able to purchase the BOM.

Saved BOMs

10. Purchasing a BOM

When you are ready to purchase some or all of the items on your BOM, click the 'Select & Buy' button from the Saved BOM manager.

From the Select & Buy page, you can choose to purchase all quoted parts in your BOM, or selectively choose the individual parts you want to purchase. You can also resolve parts and export your BOM from this screen.

Select and Buy

* The new BOM Import Tool requires JavaScript be enabled in your web browser. Customers without JavaScript enabled will be able to access Mouser's classic BOM Importer.