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API Delevan is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of surface mount and thru-hole inductors, chokes, and coils in the United States. API Delevan's strategy and commitment is to work closely with our customers, invest heavily in R&D, continually introduce new reliable designs, manufacture to the highest automation levels obtainable, and provide exceptional customer service with speed and flexibility.

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API Delevan 5500 and 5500R Series High Current SMD Power Chokes

API Delevan introduces a new SMD version of the widely used DC Series plated through-hole high power chokes, the 5500 Series and 5500R Series RoHS version. The 5500 Series SMD Power Chokes from API Delevan offer higher current carrying capability, making them very convenient for automated pick-and-place and PCB assembly processes. The 5500 Series is a response to the growing demand for high-current LED lighting applications. Features and benefits of 5500 Series power chokes are high power density design and low-loss Ferrite Core technology, extreme operating temperature (-55ºC to +130ºC) for harsh work environments, standard inductance values range of 3.9µH to 100mH, low DC resistance (DCR), green lead-free, RoHS-compliant version (5500R), inductance tolerances of +/-5%, 10%, and 15% for highly sensitive circuit designs, high dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV) of 1000Vrms minimum for high isolation applications, and compliance with the stringent requirements of MIL-STD-202G (Thermal Shock, Mechanical Shock & vibration, Solderability) for rugged vehicular and aerospace systems.

API Delevan SP Series Shielded SMT Power Inductors

The API Delevan SP Series Shielded SMT Power Inductors are available in three diverse series:
SP1008R - 0.33 to 100µH at 10%; DCR Max 0.1 to 10.3Ω; Max Current 110 to 1050mA; 0.010 to 0.115"
SP1210R - 0.47 to 390µH at 10%; DCR Max 0.079 to 25Ω; Max Current 80 to 1440mA; 0.016 to 0.138"
SP1812R - 1 to 330µH at 10%; DCR Max 0.081 to 10.9Ω; Max Current 136 to 1580mA; 0.015 to 1.34"