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Tony Kanaan won the Indy 500, now here's your chance to win. Take on the Mouser 500 Engineering Challenge and help the Mouser / KV Racing Technology Team solve some of their most intriguing challenges.

Your ideas, concepts, and ingenuity could win you an iPad mini, an official Mouser Racing photo, or Mouser swag. We will have 2 challenges, and five great ideas for each challenge will be chosen by our panel of experts and reviewed by the Mouser/KV Racing Technology Team.

5 Finalists per Challenge:
Each Finalist will receive one (1) Mouser swag prize pack

Grand prize:
The two winners (one per challenge) will receive one (1) iPad Mini,
and one (1) official Mouser racing photo

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Load Cell Test and Recalibration Rig

This will be a test rig that will allow you to test and recalibrate Pushrod Load Cell (shown below). The purpose of the Pushrod Load Cell is to measure the amount of load in pounds being transferred from the tire into the chassis. The turn buckle shown below has normal threads on one end, and reverse threads on the other. Because of this, you can induce load simply by rotating the turn buckle clockwise or counter clockwise.

  • Use an Arduino for the backbone with some digital readout of the sensors output voltage to 4 decimal points.
  • The Pushrod Load Cell sensor requires +12VDC to turn on and outputs 0-5VDC signal
  • The output load will need to be measurable from 0-12,000 lbs
  • The rig will need to make use of a high-precision load cell, such as Omega or Honeywell

For example, to create a calibration for a load cell, you will manually induce load on the Pushrod Load Cell via the turn buckle. As you create more load, the output voltage of the Pushrod Load Cell will increase. The calibration will have at least 9 points of data. To do this, record the output voltage from the Pushrod Load Cell at no load. Then turn the turn buckle until the high precision load cell reads 900 lbs and record the voltage; continue this process at 1800 lbs, 2700 lbs, 3600 lbs, 4500 lbs, 5400 lbs, 6300 lbs and 7200 lbs.