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ECIA Authorized 3M Connectors Distributor

3M Connectors

3M Electronic Solutions Division designs, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of electronic interconnect products. 3M provides reliable and effective connector solutions for problems faced by electronic equipment manufacturers and assemblers serving the worldwide market.

The 3M manufacturing team has over 30 years experience in precision molding, stamping, assembling, and testing. 3M is committed to Six Sigma methodologies and uses ISO 9002 quality process standards to ensure our products meet specifications for long-term reliability.

3M Textool™ Sockets for QFN Applications

3M Textool™ Sockets for QFN Applications provides an innovative, highly flexible test and burn-in solution. Features include an open top design, thermal pin options and vertical actuation. 3M Textool™ Sockets for QFN Applications accommodates both 0.4mm and 0.5mm pitches and can accept a wide range of package sizes. 3M provides reliable performance for testing and burn-in applications with designs that have been proven with years of customer experience.

3M M12 Industrial Circular Connectors

3M M12 Industrial Circular Connectors are made for harsh environments, with an IP68+EMI protection rating. 3M M12 Industrial Circular Connectors are cable mounted 4 position M12 threaded connectors and have a solder termination with the ability to take AWG 20-24 wire. Applications include factory automation, industry, and any other harsh environments.

3M HF625 Halogen-Free Flat Cables - EXPANSION

3M's offering of Round Conductor Halogen-Free Flat Cable now includes the HF625 Series of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) 1mm Round Conductor Flat Cable.

3M Halogen-Free Flat Cables have Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) polyolefin insulation, resulting in low smoke (IEC 61034-2:2005), low toxicity of combustion gases (NFX70-100-2:2006), and reduced soot and corrosion damage to nearby equipment. These stranded cables from 3M also have a broad operating temperature range of -40ºC to 105ºC, 28 AWG wire on .050 inch centers (1mm centers for HF625 Series) for mass termination to a broad line of IDC connectors, and zippable primary cable for branching and discrete terminations.
View the entire 3M Halogen-Free Flat Cable Series.

3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable

The 3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable is a new family of high-performance cables offering ultra low-profile, high-speed, high signal density cable. Currently available in four-channel 100 ohm 30 AWG versions, the 3M SL8800 Series Cable is the optimum solution for space-constrained systems. This cable is unjacketed, extremely thin, very flexible, and can even be folded with minimal loss or performance impact. The 3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable can route along the sides of cabinets and through narrow openings in densely packaged equipment with little to no effect on performance. Even if the design does not require low profile cable, the high electrical performance of the SL8800 Series provides skew control, low attenuation, and high bandwidth for high-speed signal requirements. These features are especially critical at speeds beyond 10 Gbps As high speed applications continue to require more performance, the 3M SL8800 Series Cable will deliver that performance for years to come.

3M 8F36 Series Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies

3M's 8F36 Series High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies are the ideal choice for space constrained systems due to their exceptional foldability with minimal loss and performance impact. These unjacketed, extremely thin, and very flexible assemblies utilize 3M's new ultra low-profile, high-speed, high-signal density 3M™ SL8800 Series Twin Axial Cable that provides excellent transmission properties allowing signals to travel a longer distance. In addition, the excellent performance of 3M's SL8800 Series Twin Axial Cable used in the construction of the 8F36 Series stretches the user's loss budget, allowing him to use extra length to route the cable through a more convenient location, out of the way of airflow, or around difficult obstructions. Even if folded multiple times, 3M's unique High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies meet SAS 2.1 performance requirements.

3M Connector for CFast™ Card, N7G24 Series

3M Connector for CFast ™ Card, N7G24 Series, interfaces to the all-new high performance serial CFast™ flash memory card. CFast™ is the latest standard issued by the Compact Flash® Association and incorporates Serial ATA (SATA) performance into the established CompactFlash® form factor. The boardmount header is available in a low profile configuration, or with optional 2 mm standoffs that allow the designer to populate the board underneath an inserted card. Integral grounding clips discharge electro-static charge before the card mates with the connector, thereby protecting its sensitive electronic circuits. Extended guide rails reduce the possibility of misalignment during card installation and prevent the card from 'flying' out during ejection. Optional dual-push ejectors are available for the 3M™ Connector for CFast™ Card, N7G24 Series, providing two points of force against the card for even and smooth card removal.

3M Power Clamp Connectors

3M Power Clamp Connectors are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications for a wide range of industrial controls systems, networking systems, medical equipment, and factory automation. The Power Clamp offering is suitable for CLPA's CC-Link open technology field level networking applications and protocols. Requiring only one hand, the One-Touch "just squeeze" wire termination uses standard pliers for easy field applications with no special wire preparation. The Power Clamp series offers a voltage rating of 250 volts and a current rating up to 10 amps for one contact and up to 7 amps with multiple contacts. The 3M Power Clamp Connectors include wiremount sockets and wiremount and panel mount plugs.

3M Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Connectors

3M Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Connectors are discrete and combo connectors that provide high density solutions for high performance storage requirements. With high speed transmission up to 6 Gbps, the miniSAS connectors provide twice the data rates than previous generations. 3M Mini Serial Attached SCSI (miniSAS) Connectors use the same connector design with metal shells or cages for internal and external applications, but with different pin counts and in versions for vertical and right angle internal boardmount, a right angle external boardmount, and vertical and right angle internal combo versions.

High Density I/O Connectors and Assemblies

3M High Density I/O Connectors and Assemblies are based on the long-established Delta Ribbon Centronics®-style Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) System. The 3M Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors are a half pitch interconnect system designed to meet the needs of high speed/density I/O applications. The 3M MDR system is a well-proven solution that provides shielding against EMI/ESD and reliable connection through the pre-loaded ribbon contacts, as well as 0.050" centerlines. The 3M Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) Connectors & Assemblies allow mass termination through IDC U-shaped contacts and offer a wide range of pin counts and form factors to enable design flexibility.

3M Mini Camera Link™ (SDR) Connectors

3M Mini Camera Link™ (SDR) Connectors and Cable Assemblies feature a high density .8mm pitch interface and a low height profile of .5mm. Using the same reliable ribbon contact system and polarized steel shell interface as the 3M Camera Link™ (MDR), the SDR connectors offer the same performance, but in a miniature size. The Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) connector's innovative packaging design allows for drop-in replacement of existing MDR Camera Link® applications. The SDR connectors feature 30u" gold contact, polarized, metal EMI/ESD interface, jacksocket hardware, and RoHS compliance.

3M Power over Camera Link® Cable Assemblies

3M Power over Camera Link® (PoCL) Cable Assemblies carry power in addition to signal to enable use in base configuration Power over Camera Link applications. The 3M .80mm digital camera PoCL Cable Assemblies are available in a variety of cable lengths and mate to industry standard Shrunk Delta Ribbon (SDR) 26-position PoCL camera connections.

3M Connector SCI Design Kits 94XX Series

The 3M Connector SCI Design Kits 94XX Series are sample development design kits for high speed cabling and connectors. They assist designers in evaluating signal integrity performance of 3M SCI cable assemblies (eye patterns, near end and far end crosstalk, and attenuation) and also support component engineers in technical specification development. The 3M SCI Design Kits include the SCI cable assemblies, 2mm latch eject headers, carrier to bundle the SCI cable assemblies, optional PCB with SMAs for testing, and a CD-ROM with technical notes.

3M Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Backplane Connector

3M offers the Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Backplane Socket Connector - the industry's first fully-shielded ultra high performance, lowest crosstalk 2mm hard metric connector. 3M´s Ultra Hard Metric Socket Connector was named as the new PICMG 2.30 standard for high-speed J2 connectors. Designed for more than 7Gbps backplane performance with a high signal density when mated to an unshielded industry standard 2mm HM IEC 61076-4-101 header. This 3M type B press-fit UHM backplane socket connector is ideal for PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI® 3U and 6U and VITA VME64x.

3M Connector I/O Interconnect System for IEEE 1394

3M introduces a 2mm I/O Interconnect System that conforms to the IEEE 1394 standard, often used in machine vision and industrial control applications. The robust ribbon style contact interface provides reliable, repetitive plugging/unplugging. The contact carries either signal or power. Available in board- or wire-mount, the I/O Interconnect System for IEEE 1394 features vibration resistance, shielding for EMI/RFI, and secure latching. Suitable for many applications.

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