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3M is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for the electrical, electronics, and communications industries. A diversified technology company, 3M has a worldwide presence in several markets, including OEM (electrical and electronics), consumer electronics, telecommunications, computers, and peripherals, as well as the aerospace, military, automotive, and medical markets.

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3M New Products

Added 07/2014 3M .025" 30AWG Round Conductor Flat Cable Learn More
Added 05/2014 3M 8US4 MiniSAS HD Cable Assemblies Learn More
Added 05/2014 3M 451 Series Ribbon Cable Socket Learn More
Added 04/2014 3M 452 Series Shrouded Boardmount Header Learn More
Added 06/2013 3M PCI Express Extender Assemblies Learn More
Added 05/2013 3M HF100 Halogen-Free Flat Cables - EXPANSION Learn More
Added 04/2013 3M HF539 Halogen-Free Flat Cables Learn More
Added 04/2013 3M HF319 Halogen-Free Flat Cables Learn More
Added 04/2013 3M AOC Assemblies for SFP+ Applications Learn More
Added 02/2013 3M SPD08 Connectors - EXPANSION Learn More
Added 12/2012 3M Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Displays - Expansion Learn More
Added 10/2012 3M 5602 Series SATA Cable Assembly Learn More
Added 10/2012 3M 3810x & 3820x IDC Link Connectors Learn More
Added 07/2012 3M RJ45 Cat5e Modular Plug Learn More
Added 03/2012 3M 2mm Pitch Ribbon Cable Sockets and Shrouded Boardmount Headers Learn More
Added 03/2012 3M 8000 Series Solder Cup D-Sub Connectors Learn More
Added 03/2012 3M SFP+ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies Learn More
Added 11/2011 3M PC104 and PC104 Plus Connectors Learn More
Added 10/2011 3M SPD08 Connectors Learn More
Added 05/2011 3M Halogen-Free Flat Cables Learn More
Added 08/2010 3M Innovative Solutions for Innovative Designs Learn More
Added 12/2008 3M 2MM Sockets and Headers Series: 95X Learn More
Added 06/2008 3M Circuit Plating Tape Learn More
Added 05/2008 3M 957 Series Box Headers Learn More

3M Featured Products

3M .025" 30AWG Round Conductor Flat Cable

3M Round Conductor Flat Cable is designed to interface with 3M and all other standard connectors. The 30 AWG stranded conductors on .025 inch wire spacing is designed for mass termination as well as increased flexibility.

3M 451 Series Ribbon Cable Socket

3M 451 Series Ribbon Cable Socket draws on over five decades of 3M Company's expertise in insulation displacement contact - or IDC - technology. The heart of the socket is the unsupported cantilever U-contact. It is made of Beryllium Copper, an alloy which provides a combination of low stress relaxation, good overall reliability and long service life for secure connections and signal integrity. Customers can choose between 30μ" gold and gold flash platings in the wiping area for multiple mating/unmating cycles at different price points to suit their engineering requirements and budget. IDC offers a quick and cost-effective way to terminate many wires by hand without the need for automatic or semi-automated equipment compared to crimping or soldering. The 450 Series system from 3M is compatible with a range of 25 thou pitch flat ribbon cables.

3M 452 Series Shrouded Boardmount Header

3M 452 Series Shrouded Boardmount Header is the mating connector in the fine-pitch system. A shroud or four wall box protects two rows of copper alloy pins spaced 1.27mm apart. 30μ" gold and gold flash plating options are available on the wiping area for multiple mating/unmating cycles and price points according to engineering requirements and budget. Optional latches provide a mechanical means to secure the mating socket connector in place during use or to remove it for maintenance or repair. Designers can select from vertical or right-angle versions with thru-hole solder tails. Gull-wing solder tails are offered for surfacemount processing and tape and reel packaging to enable high volume manufacturing.

3M 8US4 MiniSAS HD Cable Assemblies

3M 8US4 MiniSAS HD Cable Assemblies are high routability, internal HD MiniSAS 4i cable assemblies designed to support SAS 2.1 (6 Gbps) and SAS 3.0 (12 Gbps) specifications. Featuring the HD miniSAS (SFF-8087) form factor, the 8US4 series provides double the data rate while doubling the density compared to miniSAS (SFF-8047). The thin, low profile design provides more routing options within a case, and enables many packaging configurations. The foldable ribbon construction allows for extremely tight bend radii with minimal performance impact.

3M MDR Receptacles

3M MDR boardmount receptacle plug connector is designed around a fine pitch ribbon-style contact for reliable electrical connection. With pin counts from 14 to 100, thru-hole, surface mount & press fit mounting styles, and multiple connector orientations, the 3M™ MDR boardmount product line offers engineers great flexibility when designing I/O interfaces. MDR Boardmount connectors feature either latch stands to allow latching of a quick-release backshell or threaded holes to allow thumbscrew attachment (with the proper hardware). Most MDR connectors feature 360 degree shielding around the entire interface to help improve EMI and RFI protection in sensitive applications. The integral dimples of the MDR metal shell ensure proper grounding of the shroud before mating, reducing the possibility of a destructive ESD event between the boardmount and wiremount connectors.

3M PCI Express Extender Assemblies

3M's PCI Express Extender Assemblies have been incorporated into the 3M™ High-Routability Twin Axial Cable product line as one-to-one direct extenders for power and low-speed signals that are part of the PCI Express specification. PCI Express Extender Assemblies allow prototyping with custom assemblies that can be folded without loss of integrity. Designed specifically for PCI Express extender card applications, these assemblies plug into a PCIe card slot with another slot at the opposite end. 3M offers PCI Express Extender Assemblies in 5Gbps and 8Gbps speeds, 2 lengths, and 3 different channel sizes. 3M's PCI Express Extender Assemblies are ideally suited for high-performance computing (HPC), servers, storage, medical fields (imaging such as MRI, CT, CAT, etc.), and data intensive applications that require high bandwidth of PCIe 2.0 (5Gbps) and PCIe 3.0 (8Gbps).

3M AOC Assemblies for SFP+ Applications

3M™ Active Optical Cable (AOC) Assemblies for SFP+ Applications deliver a single bi-directional channel operating at up to 10.3125 Gbps while using a subtle 240mW (typical) of energy per end. These hot pluggable AOC Assemblies are constructed using a bend insensitive fiber with a fiber link up to 100m. They support SFF-8431 Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable Module SFP+, Rev 4.1 and Fiber Channel Physical Interface – 5 (FC-PI-5) Rev 6.10 released. 3M™ Active Optical Cable (AOC) Assemblies for SFP+ Applications meet  FCC Class B and CE Emissions and Immunity (EN 61000 4-3). With industry-leading VCSEL technology and an advanced new light engine design, the 3M AOC Assemblies are ideal for high-performance computing clusters, 10G Ethernet applications (10GbE), 4G and 8G Fiber Channel Applications (4GFC/8GFC), 1x InfiniBand QDR, DDR, SDR, servers, switches, storage and network interfacing applications.

3M Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Displays - Expansion

3M Touch Systems has expanded their line of Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Displays to include screens with diagonal sizes of 18.5", 21", 24.5", 27.5", and 32". The expansion also includes three Dual-Touch Chassis Displays with diagonal sizes of 15", 17", and 19".

3M MicroTouch & Multi-Touch Surface Capacitive Touch Displays utilize an all-glass surface capacitive touch sensor and proprietary 3M ClearTek™ Hard Coat to deliver superior durability, 91.5% light transmission, and ultra-fast up to 6 millisecond touch response time. 3M MicroTouch & Multi-Touch Surface Capacitive Touch Displays employ an all-glass touch sensor that has no moving parts, whereas 5-wire resistive solutions rely on compressing the top film layer against a conductive coating to recognize touch. Since force is required to activate a resistive touch screen, it is susceptible to mechanical wear and the appearance of "Newton Rings" which can potentially reduce product life and optical performance. These rugged 3M Displays continue to operate in the presence of on-screen contaminants and carry an "unlimited touch" warranty for a period of 3 years. In addition, 3M owns the design and tooling for the display thereby increasing control over the product life cycle and decreasing the possibility for an external change.
View the entire series of 3M MicroTouch & Multi-Touch Surface Capacitive Touch Displays

3M 5602 Series SATA Cable Assembly

3M™ 5602 Series SATA 3.0 Cable Assembly is a high routability copper cable assembly designed using 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology to create a flexible, foldable, high-performance solution. The 5602 Series meets SATA Specification 1.0a requirements up to 1 meter. Lower profiles than similar AWG twin axial cables and thinner cable construction allows for dense routing as well as flexible routing options within a chassis. The 3M Twin Axial cable is foldable and cable allows for extremely tight bend radius with minimal performance impact to enable unique packaging configurations. 3M™ 5602 Series SATA 3.0 Cable Assemblies are used with SATA 1.0/2.0/3.0 interfaces in enterprise, networking/communications, data centers, high-speed I/O storage, RAIDs, JBODs, HBAs, high-bandwidth switches, router, and server applications.

3M 3R108 Series RJ45 Modular Plug

The 3M Industrial 3R108 Series RJ45 Modular Plug was developed specifically for use in rugged industrial IP 20 environments using double-shielded, four twisted pair enhanced category 5 (Cat5e) cabling. Featuring 3M's award-winning, insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology, the RJ45 modular plug provides a reliable and easy termination process without the need to strip the wires. The plug's robust design allows the plug to withstand harsh environment factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration. Based on the standard RJ45 pin profile with a 44mm length, the 3R108 Series RJ45 Modular Plug is compatible with double shielded Cat5e cables and industry standardized RJ45 sockets. With a noise-tolerant structure, the RJ45 Modular Plug is well-suited for industrial applications that are connected and controlled using Ethernet technology to optimize factory and process automation such as Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs), Remote I/Os, Human Machine Interface (HMIs), industrial robots, and inspection cameras.

3M Flex Braided Shield

3M Flex Braided Shield is Electromagnetic Shielding Sleeves braided with glass fibers overwound with tin-plated copper foil. The sleeves offer superior shielding effectiveness, excellent strain relief, and excellent heat stability. Applications include automation, metrology, and wire harnesses. 3M Flex Braided Shield is available with diameters ranging from 5 mm (.2") to 37 mm (1.5").

3M 8000 Series Solder Cup D-Sub Connectors

3M's 8000 Series features wire mount I/O Solder Cup D-Sub Connectors that provide reliable long-term termination by soldering the wire directly into the connector contact. Constructed using a standard D-Sub profile and available in a variety of industry sizes/positions (9, 15, 25, 37, 50), the 8000 Series allows drop in replacement of current D-Sub connectors where costs may be an issue. The 8000 Series Solder Cup D-Sub connectors can accommodate up to 20 AWG wire and are available with or without an EMI filter. 3M's 8000 Series Solder Cup D-Sub Connectors are well-suited for Base Stations, Serial Data Transmission, ADSL, Robotics, Control Drivers, Medical Instruments, Data Communication Ports, Printers, Laptops, and Military Equipment.

3M™ SFP+ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

SFP+ Series Cable Assemblies feature 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology to create a high performance, flexible, foldable solution for space-constrained systems. The low profile, lightweight design virtually eliminates high-frequency resonance, allowing the cable to fold and bend with minimal to no impact on performance. SFP+ cable's very small bend radius enables efficient routing in tight spaces to achieve even greater density and help improve airflow. Capable of achieving transmission rates up to 10 Gbps per channel for up to 5 meters, the 3M SFP+ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are well-suited for telecommunications, high capacity I/O storage, networking, high-bandwidth switches, routers, & server, and Network Interference Cards (NICs) applications.

3M 2mm Pitch Ribbon Cable Sockets and Shrouded Boardmount Headers

3M's 2mm 158 Series Ribbon Cable Sockets and 159 Series Shrouded Boardmount Headers provide a robust and compact cable-to-board connection solution. The 159 Series Shrouded Boardmount Headers maximize design flexibility while minimizing the PCB footprint, and mate to the 158 Series Ribbon Cable Sockets. The 158 Series Ribbon Cable Sockets provide a reliable ribbon cable to board interface in a variety of applications, terminate to 1 mm pitch ribbon cable. 3M offers each series in multiple configurations. Configurations include an adhesive-backed cover for robust termination, "sword pack" to deliver higher speed termination operations, and friction-latch configurations for increased protection against accidental disconnect. 3M's 2mm 158 Series and 159 Series are well-suited for industrial production equipment, communications, military/aerospace, and computer/datacom applications.

3M™ SPD08 Connectors

3M™ SPD08 High-Speed Card-Edge Connectors are board-to board connectors suitable for use in mezzanine board stacking designs requiring transmission of high-speed (up to 15 Gbps), high density, controlled impedance signals as well as wire-to-board designs requiring transmission of high speed signals (up to 25 Gbps). SPD08 features a high density 0.8mm pitch, two-row design to conserve board space and simplify trace routing. These connectors offer flexible stacking height (16-40 mm) with the use of a PCB intermediate riser card. The embedded ground plane with riser card limits row-to-row crosstalk and enhances signal integrity. SPD08 supports XAUI, PCI Express (Gen 1/2/3), SATA, and other application speeds. The 3M SPD08 High-Speed Card-Edge Connectors are well-suited for datacom systems, enterprise servers, telecommunications equipment, and defense and test applications.

3M PC104 and PC104 Plus Connectors

3M designed the PC104 and PC104 Plus Connectors to meet the specifications of PC/104 Embedded-PC Modules in Embedded Systems Applications. 3M offers the PC104 8-bit J1/P1 and 16-bit J2/P2 Connectors in both stack-through and non-stack-through versions with solder tail termination. The PC104 Plus Connectors offering incorporates the PCI bus within the PCI/104 form factor, and includes the J3/P3 32-bit non-stack-through module with solder tail termination and the stack-through module with press-fit tail termination. The stack-through design meets the compact space requirements of embedded applications and provides rugged performance against shock and vibration. In addition, the self-stacking bus eliminates the need, cost, and bulk of backplanes and card cages, while the relaxed bus drive (6 mA) lowers power consumption (to 1-2 watts per module) and minimizes component count. 3M PC104 and PC104 Plus Connectors are ideally suited for industrial control and factory automation, military and aerospace, medical, transportation, and gaming applications.

3M Halogen-Free Flat Cables

3M Halogen-Free Flat Cables have Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) polyolefin insulation, resulting in low smoke (IEC 61034-2:2005), low toxicity of combustion gases (NFX70-100-2:2006), and reduced soot and corrosion damage to nearby equipment. These stranded cables from 3M also have a broad operating temperature range of -40ºC to 105ºC, 28 AWG wire on .050 inch centers (1mm centers for HF625 Series) for mass termination to a broad line of IDC connectors, and zippable primary cable for branching and discrete terminations.

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Practical and Reliable Connector Solutions for Discrete Wire
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